Trimtastic Health and Wellness

What is your why?
Do you have a goal?

Helping your reach your Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle goals, one decision at a time, with accountability, encouragement, and support.

Are you discouraged and overwhelmed? I’ve been there, and I’d love to help you.

Does food control you? Break past the barriers that hold you hostage and find true food freedom one choice at a time.

Are you an emotional eater? When life is pressing you down and all else overwhelms you, do you turn to food for comfort? I can’t offer a magic pill or a quick cure, but I can promise to walk beside you and cheer you along in your journey to a Trimtastic new you!

We are all on the journey of life. Circumstances, stress, finances, choices, training (or lack of it), physical health, and environment all contribute to where we are today. Our challenge is to discover your why. Why are you here? What would you like to change? Are you tired of feeling tired and overwhelmed by bad food choices? Are you confused about what you should and shouldn’t be eating, and why? Are you in a food rut? I’m here to help. Before THM I tried many diets, and actually struggled with a severe case of Bulimia for several years. The Lord used THM, and accountability for me to rise above food bondage and into food freedom. Trim Healthy Mama can bring you food freedom without all the extremes. You can reach your goals, push through the stalls, and make progress, if you are willing to commit to the plan. THM is not a race to skinny. It will not be a quick fix, but instead a plan that will nourish your body from the inside out. You don’t have to feel deprived, you can enjoy the journey. Will you make mistakes? Yes. Will all be smooth sailing? No. Slow and steady wins the race. Above all, while we journey towards a healthier you, remember, the scale just shows a number. Your weight does NOT define your worth!