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6-week Accountability Group Challenge with THM Coach Jasmine

 September 16-October 28, 2019

I’d like to invite you to jump on board a 6-week private accountabilty challenge starting September 16, and running through October 28, 2019. The purpose of this group is to help encourage and inspire ladies in a small personal group setting. Sometimes in a large setting it is easy to get lost and feel insignificant. Each one of my clients are very important to me. Your success is also my success. All victories are not found on the scale. We will rejoice and cheer you on as you share you NSV’s (Non-Scale Victories) as well. This will be run two ways. It will be available on Facebook, OR you can choose to participate via our WhatsApp thread. It is not all the same perks as individual coaching, but can be lots of fun to do with friends, and easier for some mamas to work with in a family budget.

What is included?

*6-Week study of the THM Plan book

*Challenge Calendar with optional challenges that can be completed for drawings. (Bi-weekly drawing for $5 THM gift card)

*Weekly weigh-in or reporting of NSV each Friday.

*Group access to certified THM Coach Jasmine for duration of the 6-week challenge.

*Ideas and suggestions posted to help you make progress

*Links to recipes you may enjoy

*Group Encouragment

*2-week optional fuel cycle running September 29th through October 12th.

*$10 off coupon code to the private THM membership site. (Totally Optional!)

In order to participate in the challenge, you must be following the THM Plan. THM works, if we are willing to follow the guidelines and suggestions.

Trim Healthy Mama isn’t about a bunch of rules, counting calories, and avoiding carbs. It is a healthy combination of all food groups. We want to nourish and heal our bodies from the insides out. In doing so, we do need to be mindful of what we are eating in order to see success, not just load them down with heavy foods because they are “on plan.”

Cost: $49 per person  

Discount Option: $5 refund for every person you refer to do this challenge with you that signs up. That means if you find ten friends to join the challenge with you, once they have officially registered and paid, I will send you a complete refund. If just one signs up, I will send you a $5 refund. 

There will be no refunds on the 6-week Challenge. Once registered, if you decide to drop out, the $49 fee is non-refundable. Thank you for understanding in advance.

You contact me to sign up here on the website, or my Facebook page.

Payment can be made through Paypal, here. You can also email me and I will send you a PayPal invoice with forms attached. 

I am looking forward to working together with you. Together we can do it! Accountability has been huge in my journey. I believe it can make a difference for you too! Below is a picture collage showing results of a 12 week challenge I participated in doing THM 3 years ago. During this 12 week period, I lost about 12 lbs, but definitely lost inches! I did do T-tapp faithfully during that time. I also did some kettlebell workouts, but I mainly did T-tapp. My exercises of choice now are T-tapp and the THM Workins, which you can purchase through the THM store. (affiliate link, by purchasing through this link, a small percentage gets paid back to me. Thank you for supporting small business!)

Click here for the Client Coaching Agreement

Click here for the THM Liability Waiver

Click here to fill out the THM Sleuth form


My name is Jasmine Tarter.

I have been married for 19 years, and am a mother of three teenagers. I have thirteen living sibling, Yes, all from the same parents. I am a Bible believing, doTERRA essential oil loving Mama. I found out about THM shortly after the original book was published in 2012. I bought myself the book with birthday money, and jumped right in.

I chose to become a THM Lifestyle coach because I love the plan, it is something I believe in, I can stick to, and it works. It is my passion to help people rise above defeat and find victory and hope in their journey. If you make a bad choice, you can make a fresh start three hours later. I’m not perfect, but I am a work in progress who has found help and hope, one choice at a time.

Trim Healthy Mama is the original name, but it isn’t just for Mama’s. It can be a family plan. Get your hubby to do it with you. For him, it can be the Totally Hot Man Plan, or it can simply be the Trim Healthy Man Plan.