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The recipe calls for what?!
Making the THM Plan work...

Do I really have to have a bunch of special ingredients to make the THM Plan work?

So you are ready to dive in and start the THM plan with both feet. But wait? Some of these recipies call for ingredients you don’t usually stock in your cupboard. What to do now? Does it look too difficult? Do you want to know a secret? Being on the THM plan doesn’t require you to stock a bunch of special ingredients. The plan can be as simple, or as complicated as you want it to be. If you are on a budget, that is okay. Don’t buy the extras. Simply make it work with what you have. If you want to buy all the special ingredients and go all in, that is okay too. smiley  In the first year I did THM, the only special ingredients I bought were stevia, gluccomannan for thickening shakes, and whey isolate protein powder. If a recipe called for any special ingredient besides those, I simply didn’t make it. The best way to make the plan work for you is to take foods you already make and like, and tweak them to fit within the plan guidelines.

THM offers many of the ingredients available for purchase through their website. It isn’t neccessary to use THM brand products to make the plan work, but many mamas choose to order from them because of several reasons. One reason is the sisters have done their homework and are very diligent about only offering quailty products that will nourish and feed your body. Another reason is simply the fact of flavor and quality. There is truth to the saying that you get what you pay for.

Have I always bought THM products? No. This homeschooling mama doesn’t always have a budget that reaches that far. Since I have been doing THM for 5+ years, I have gradually bought most of the special ingredients the various recipies call for. I am a bit of a cookbook junkie though, so for the last 6 years, I have asked for, or bought THM cookbooks, or THM compatible cookbooks for my birthday. I enjoy just reading through the recipe books for fun! Weird? I may be, but I enjoy it. Lol! If you are interested in knowing where I have bought my products outside of THM, send me a message, and I would be happy to share that list with you.

I am an affilate for both Amazon and THM, so any purchases you make using the links posted will result in my receiving a small commission. Thanks you for supporting small businesses!

Some of my favorite items that can be purchased through Amazon are